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Our Montessori Program:

Montessori Program

Offers our child an ideal learning environment based on the Montessori principles that will guide and nurture the full development of our child.

Montessori Method’s focus is on the individuality of each child in respect to their needs or talents as opposed to the needs of the class as a whole.

KLC Montessori is unique as it emphasizes education as a process that begins as a child and continues for a lifetime, offered in the secure, loving natural homely environment and our goal is to nurture in your child a lifelong joy for learning.

Life Skills

Reading Skills

Introduction to early math concepts

Sara's Montessori: certified teacher/director with over 15 years of experience.
She provides special lesson plans on individual basis daily.
Have special concentrated reading, comprehension & arts program for early head start on basics.
Hold a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and have continued that passion with her art work and teaching art from basics to adults classes
can be reached at
via text message at 2145923437@txt.att.net