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We offer services for Infants (6weeks old) to 1st graders:
Our various activities and programs are geared toward the development of a child's:

Motor Skills Development

Reading Program

Quran Reading Program

Hifz Program: (optional)
To awaken the child's desire and encourage them to learn Arabic with right pronunciation as a new language
Add to their Arabic vocabulary daily which helps them to understand the Quran.
Learning about prophet stories and the lesson behind each story,
memorize Quran, learn Hadith and Adab of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
To help develop the kindness, courtesy and self-discipline that will allow them to grow into full members of the society to please Allah SWT and Rasoul Allah SAAW
To create a spirit of joyful learning to help the child master good manners and follow Sunnah of prophet SAAW.

Spiritual Development

Fire drill

Technology Development

Recycle Day

Sports Day

Report Card & Parents Day

Eid Celebration program

Hajj simulation day:

Field Trip

Road Safety Program

Career week

Multi cultural week:

Arts & Science show:

Cooking Class